"Painting is a state of being....self discovery.
Every good artist paints what he is."

I’ve been a painter and printmaker for years and now I am finishing up my Master of Education in Secondary Art. Teaching is my new passion for sharing art. I want students to feel successful with their projects and have the ability to talk about their work in the language of the visual arts.

I use digital photography to capture images and record the passage of time and variances in light. I want to paint more landscapes and spend time plein-aire painting this summer.

My family is in the US Virgin Islands and I will visit the Caribbean between semesters and begin a summer internship working with Fred Reid, Ceramics professor and artist at the University of Nevada, Reno.

I enthusiastically spent the winter working in a Middle School and a High School as a student teacher. I devised lesson plans, with my students’ success in mind, painted and designed drawings daily and talked to art students about their visual lexicons- what are the symbols of their lives? How can they make these images and artifacts important and assign value to their experience?